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Sofa Cleaning

It’s known that upholstered furniture adds a sparkle and sense of completeness to your expensive furniture in your home. However, it is highly important to keep up with the maintenance of your upholstered furniture to ensure that the costly covering on your furniture lasts for an extended time period.


If you have kids or furry pets, your upholstered furniture is more likely to become prone to stains, dirt, germs, blemishes, and permanent marks—which requires you to reach out to a professional upholstery cleaning company that will take care of your problem within no time.


Additionally, if you purchase your upholstered furniture from a trusted manufacturer, they are more likely to strongly advise you on having upholstery cleaning services by a professional upholstery cleaner in Accrington after a span of 24-48 months. An ideal set of upholstery cleaning services include the following process:


Hot Water Extraction Cleaning:


The use of hot water extraction cleaning or HWE has become a common practice by professional upholstery cleaners to clean upholstery of their customers. The method employs a carbonating extraction cleaning method at just the right temperature, which deep cleans the fabric of the sofa or settee.


The use of this method immediately targets dirt, spots, airborne allergens, and soil from the fibres of upholstery fibres. The HWE cleaning method is regarded as the most popular choice among the professional upholstery cleaners and their customers, and it is gradually substituting all the other miscellaneous cleaning methods employed for upholstery cleaning.

upholstery cleaning

upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaners in Lancashire ….

As professional sofa and suite cleaners the company clean upholstery for domestic and commercial customers. You may think you can clean your own upholstery with a DIY cleaning machine but even with our 20 years experience we are still are still extremely careful when cleaning your upholstery.


We always test the fabric of a sofa before cleaning if it requires it as upholstery fibres tend to be of a more complex blend than of furnishings in your home.

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