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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Lancashire

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Trying to keep your carpets, rugs or upholstery clean is not easy but is one of the most important things in making your property homely! Why not let our professional carpet cleaning operators visit your home in Accrington or any other town in Lancashire by deep cleaning even most downtrodden, tired looking furnishings, leaving them soil, dirt and dust free and smelling fresh again!


We can also provide a rug cleaning service for local customers so you can trust us to clean your wool or synthetic rugs to a very high professional standard. Our carpet cleaning operators can be quite flexible and we normally can carry out our services over the weekend or even on evenings if a week day does not suit. We specialise in all types of carpet cleaning and always try to remove every stain if possible to do so.


We have invested in the latest carpet drying technology that can leave some floors dry in about 1 hour. Other carpets that take longer will still be dry in only 2 to 3 hours.

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The Benefits of Using a Trained Carpet Cleaner!

We only send a fully trained and professional carpet cleaning technician to your home or business property. Our efficient floor cleaning service can come to the aid of local customers to revitalise your sofas, rugs or flooring.

If you choose to use our carpet cleaning services in Accrington or Lancashire you could benefit from or stain treatment methods that can remove up to 90% of stains. We also deodorise your carpets to give them a fresh clean smell again!

North Carpet Cleaning can also provide a commercial service to business owners like landlords and letting agents. Office and retail flooring can also be deep cleaned!

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Child & Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning!

We only use safe cleaning solutions and detergents to clean your furnishings in your home. Our expert carpet cleaning operatives are trained to clean your floors in a safe and environmental manner. Only the best products are used and all carpets and upholstery are left PH neutral after cleaning which makes our service totally safe for our customers.

North Carpet Cleaning carry out a range of products to remove all types of stains including oil and dirt. The company based in Accrington but serving the whole of East Lancashire can also remove milk, tea, coffee and red wine stains. Another issue we come across is makeup on bedroom carpets of which we have a very high success rate of totally removing from carpets!

If you have any stains on your carpets, rugs or sofas then please contact us. We often test stained areas first before cleaning to save you money!

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Low prices on the cleaning of rugs, carpets and upholstery.

•1 x rug = £29     •2 x rugs = £49     3 x rugs = £59

•1 x room = £49     •2 x rooms = £59     •3 x rooms = £69

•hall, stairs and landing = £49

•hall, stairs and landing plus 1 x room = £59

•hall, stairs and landing plus 2 x rooms = £69

•2 seater settee = £39     •3 seater settee = £49     •armchairs are £12 each

•2 seater settee + 2 seater settee = £59

•3 seater settee + 2 seater settee = £69

•corner sofa (based on 5 seater) = £69

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Full 2 Bedroom House | Carpets Cleaned!


  • Have every carpet cleaned in your 2 bedroom house for only £95!

Full 3 Bedroom House | Carpets Cleaned!


  • Same areas as the 2 bedroom house offer but with an extra bedroom. Carpets deep cleaned and refreshed!

Full 4 Bedroom House | Carpets Cleaned!


  • A 4 bed house carpets cleaned for just £119! Our lowest prices ever so take advantage today.
professional carpet cleaning company in accrington

What do we Offer!:

How do we Carry Out The Service?

•You the customer will be given advice and a fixed price quote over the phone or by email. We take great pride in offering affordable prices!

•We book in a date and time and the carpet cleaning operator will arrive with his equipment on time while being polite and friendly at all times.

•The technician will discuss the job with you to answer any questions and to carry out tests to ascertain the correct type of cleaning needed.

•The operator will then vacuum areas if needed and also treat any individual stains and spots. This is a very important stage of the cleaning process.

•Then a decision on the correct method for cleaning your items is made to give the safest clean possible and each method is bespoke to your needs.

•After cleaning with a wet or dry method, the carpet is left to dry, which in most cases is 1 hour. We use specialist carpet & sofa drying equipment.

We try to use the most environmentally friendly products when cleaning your carpets to give you a sparkling looking floor but that is also safe for your family and any household pets!

If you are looking for more information on our specialist upholstery or rug cleaning pages then please take a look at our other pages for more detailed explanations on each individual service!

Methods of Carpet Cleaning

HWEThe hot water extraction method or sometimes known as steam cleaning

This the system that 99% of professional carpet cleaners will use in domestic homes situations. Hot water, under pressure will be jetted into the carpet pile fibres while simultaneously extracted by large powerful machines on the machine to give a deep clean but also leave the florr only slightly damp after cleaning. This is the best method to use in homes in Accrington and other surrounding areas in Lancashire. It’s a system that is very powerful and excellent at moving stains like urine, oil, wine, coffee, tea and also traffic areas problems like soot, sand, grit, soil and dirt!

As mentioned the floor is only left slightly damp after cleaning with this hot water extraction method but we also force dry the carpets, suites, settees, sofas, chairs and rugs with a specialist air mover which helps the drying process to bring drying times down to about a 2 hours for carpets and 4 hours for upholstery.

Dry Carpet MethodSometimes referred to as low moisture, encap or bonnet cleaning

This system is used mainly on commercial low profile carpets or carpet tiles. It is a system that skim cleans the surface of the carpet without going too far down into the pile which gives much faster drying times. Drying times are typically about 30 minutes and with our air movers can be almost dry instantly on some occasions. This method is great for delicate fabrics and fibres to help prevent shrinkage and colour run. It’s a system that is becoming more popular in domestic homes too because of it’s speed and super fast drying times!


Scotch Guard Carpet & Upholstery ProtectorThis product protects the surface to help against spillage

This application is a layer of protector that is applied to your furnishings after cleaning. It

It is a liquid film that is breathable which coats the surface of the carpet or upholstery and causes any liquid that is spilled to bead on the surface rather than soaking in straight away thus giving you time to blot the spillage before it results in a stain. This service is recommended for delicate fabrics like silk and also on cream or white carpets, especially ones made from wool or a wool mix blend.


Is Carpet Cleaning Safe?

Yes: All furnishings will be left PH neutral after cleaning.

Is the System you use pet & Children Friendly?

Yes: Only solutions are used that are family safe!

Will my Carpet take a Long Time to dry?

No: We provide the fastest drying times in Lancashire!

Do you Move the Furniture?

We move large items like sofas around while cleaning if safe to do so but we do ask you to move small items and light furniture out or place off the ground.

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