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Why Choose us?


Finding carpet cleaners in Lancashire who you can trust to carry out a decent honest job is not always easy! Luckily with North Carpet Cleaning you have now found a professional carpet cleaning company in Accrington who are not only trustworthy, polite and hardworking but more importantly, highly trained, experienced and completely insured for all size of jobs!

There are lots of different reasons why our company stands out from the crowd. As soon as you call us you will find us to be friendly, polite and most of all, very knowledgeable. We take great pride in our professionalism from our very first point of contact with you and you will be given the best advice possible from us on the most suitable methods to clean your carpets.

Our aftercare is well known throughout the profession and customers always mention this to us and is a reason why we have so many repeat customers.


Carpet Cleaning Benefits:


Healthy environment for protection against allergies and respiratory problems: A dusty carpet is home to dust mites, bugs, dirt and disease causing allergens. Cleaning carpet helps you get rid of all the bacterial fragments as well as those pollutants stuck in the fibres. When a carpet gets dusty over a long period of time, people working or living in that room will inhale that dust which can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma. Moreover, allergy causing bugs and other pests might end up giving you skin allergies.

No fungal growth: Over time water and other liquids can be spilt over your carpets. It becomes very difficult to clean the spilled contents thoroughly. In such cases, mouldy or fungal growth is often observed and it’s recommended you employ a professional carpet cleaning company in Lancashire. These issues can also happen when the humidity of room is higher than the normal which can result in the formation of mouldy patches on the underside of carpet. Cleaning the carpet on the surface can also help underside from becoming problematic and help against fungal spores that land on your carpet through the air which can cause serious diseases and also become a source of foul smell.

Improved overall appearance: Carpet cleaning restores its freshness. Buying a new carpet and then not taking care of it might give it an old and worn look. Cleaning it at certain time intervals avoids the worn out look. No matter how thick the pile is, dusty and dirty carpets lose their soft touch and In order to keep it lively and fresh it is recommended to have them regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner!

Stretch carpet life: Every carpet has its own life span. Let’s suppose it can survive for next 15 years! An inadequate care plan might shorten the carpets life span by half.

Better indoor air quality: A room with a dirt clogged and fungi infected carpet will result in poor air quality. Cleaning them may rid of air of pollutants and improve the quality of air flow.

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Our Method

Steam cleaning:

This method is among the most widely used methods and it’s often called ‘hot water extraction’ or ‘the extraction method’ by professionals. Most carpet cleaning companies will use this method on domestic home carpets.

With this method, hot water is directed into the carpet with at the required pressure. This produces force and pressure in the fibres and displaces the dirt.

The water is then extracted back with the dirt and other unwanted fragments giving you a clean carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Removes Dirt, Dust & Allergens!

Helps with allergies

It is vitally important that you have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. If you knew what lurked in your carpets and rugs you would be shocked! When we clean carpets we remove dirt, soil, mud, sand, grit, insects, insect eggs, bacteria and allergens.


Having your carpets deep cleaned is a must for a family run home … Call 01254 370107 Today!

Areas We Cover

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We provide carpet cleaning throughout Lancashire, especially the East Lancashire area for domestic, Industrial & commercial clients.

Enjoy Clean Carpets Again!

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